• Budha Relic Stupa, Vaishali Image

    Budha Relic Stupa, Vaishali

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    Vaishali Collectorate

  • Budha Stupa

    Ashoka Pillar, Vaishali

  • Banana Garden

    Popular Banana Garden, Vaishali

  • Vaishali

    Vaishali Image

  • Historical Places of Vaishali Image

    Historical Places

District Magistrate, Vaishali
District Magistrate, Vaishali Smt. Udita Singh, I.A.S
Superintendent of Police, Vaishali Shree Maneesh, I.P.S

About District

Vaishali find its origin way back in history from the Mahabharata period. It is the place where democracy found its origin around 600BC. Numerous references to Vaishali are found in texts pertaining to both Jainism and Buddhism, Read More