Administrative Setup

Vaishali District is one of the thirty eight districts of Bihar having Hajipur as the District Headquarter. Vaishali District spread across three subdivisions and sixteen blocks.

Subdivision Block Anchal
Hajipur Hajipur Hajipur
Raghopur Raghopur
Bidupur Bidupur
Lalganj Lalganj
Vaishali Vaishali
Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur
Patedhi Belsar Patedhi Belsar
Mahnar Desri Desri
Sahdei Buzurg Sahdei Buzurg
Mahnar Mahnar
Mahua Mahua Mahua
Rajapakar Rajapakar
Goraul Goraul
Jandaha Jandaha
Patepur Patepur
Chehrakala Chehrakala