Lok Sabha General Election 2024

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  • Vaishali
Polling Station List
123-Hajipur Click Here
124-Lalganj Click Here
125-Vaishali Click Here
126-Mahua Click Here
127-Rajapakar Click Here
128-Raghopur Click Here
129-Mahnar Click Here
130-Patepur Click Here
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Regarding Election Information in Form-1.
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Format of Form 12D related to the Lok Sabha General Election 2024 Click Here
EVM Detailed first Supplementary Remdomization Report. 123- Hajipur , 124- Lalganj , 125- Vaishali , 126- Mahua , 127- Rajapakar, 128- Raghopur , 129- Mahnar , 130- Patepur ,
EVM Detailed first Randomization Report, 123- Hajipur , 124- Lalganj, 125- Vaishali , 126- Mahua , 127- Rajapakar , 128- Raghopur , 129- Mahnar, 130- Patepur ,  12.04.2024
Bihar Lok Sabha General Election 2024: Regarding Appointment of Additional Assistant Returning Officer.
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Price/Rate list related to Election Expenditure
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Voter Guide for Lok Sabha General Elections 2024 – Regarding.
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Lok Sabha General Election 2024: Regarding the list of Sector Officer/Police Officer
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 Letter No- 301, Regarding tender invitation notice.
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EVM Brochure for candidates and political parties – Regarding.
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District Election Officer-cum-District Magistrate, Vaishali dated 19.12.2023. Proceedings of the meeting held with representatives of political parties.
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 Lok Sabha, 2024 List of Training & Awareness EVM -VVPAT
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LS-2024 Newspaper and Television Channel List and Advertisement Rate
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Regarding Appointment of Assistant Electoral Registration Officer for Assembly constituencies
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FLC OK Detail Unit Report Click Here
Date: 11. 11. 2023. Proceedings of the meeting held with electoral registration officers and representatives of political parties.
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Regarding notifying Assistant Electoral Registration Officer in Bihar Assembly Constituency.
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State of Bihar as the Appellate officer to whom an appeal shell lie, from any decision , of the Registration officer under 20, rule 21 or rule 21A of the said rules of each of the Assembly Constituncies Comprised whih in the district .  Click Here
Regarding the Appointment of Assistant Returning Officer for the Legislative Assembly constituencies in the state of Bihar Click Here

Electoral Registration Officer of the Assembly Constituency in the State of Bihar. List of

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Link for ECI’s latest instructions/PPTs/ manuals/handbooks

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Search Your Name in Electoral Roll

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 Electoral Roll Continuous Updation with Supplement (w.r.t 01.07.2023)

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The Forms relating to registration in electoral roll (to be used by the eligible person).


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Know Your Polling Booth

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