Places of Interest

Inportant Budhist Place

In this place Lord Buddha delivered his last sermon. There is a hudge stupa and a well restored Ashokan pillar, and the famous Monkey tank were local children like to jump and swim. This place is crowded by pilgrims. At the entrance you can buy a small wooden reproduction of the Ashokan pillar, as well as other souvenirs.

Historical Place

Ashok Pillar is the most popular sightseeing destination of Vaishali situated near a Buddhist monastery and a coronation tank, named Ramkund. It is also a Lion Pillar like the other Ashoka pillars but the difference between this Ashoka pillar and other Ashoka pillar is that, this one has only one lion capital.All the pillars were built at Buddhist monasteries, many important sites from the life of the Budha and places of pilgrimage.

Sacred Place For Buddist

This place is near Patna between Khushinaga and Gaya.We left Khushinaga after breakfast and we have our lunch like picnic in this garden.After Buddha nirvana they had 1 st Buddha council in Rajgir on the mountain top.After 100 years they had 2 nd council here.Emperor Ashoka (268 to 232 BCE) built many stupas around India and erected many pillars but only 19 survived.Here you can see a pillar with a one Lion on its intact.The pillar was made of red sand stone 18.3 meters tall.There is also a ruin stupa near the pillar and a pond.The garden was well maintained with beautiful flower beds.

Location of the Second Budhist Council

About a 100 years after the Buddha’s final nirvana, Vesali was the scene of the second Buddhist Council to settle questions on the Dhamma and Vinaya. In the first 500 years of Buddha’s nirvana, the site was popular with pilgrims as it housed the Buddha’s alm which was first enshrined at Kesariya. Subsequent invasions by the Muslims in the 13th AD means that the current alm is located in a small Muslim Shrine at Kandahar in Afghanistan.
The Lion pillar – attributed to Emperor Ashoka is still intact and looks magnificent next to a large Stupa built by Ashoka himself. During excavation, a relic chamber was discovered an in contained a highly polished stone relic casket.
This is one of the must to see tourist places in Bihar.This is close to Patna so person traveling Patna would be so easier to make trip to Vaishali.

Ashok the Emperor

Liked the well maintained place with lot of greenery especially Amla trees and water body. Dislike no guides no much information written so that people get to know about the place better.