Election Related Letter

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Election Related Letter
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Date: 11. 11. 2023. Proceedings of the meeting held with electoral registration officers and representatives of political parties. 16/11/2023 View (1 MB)
Regarding notifying Assistant Electoral Registration Officer in Bihar Assembly Constituency. 16/11/2023 View (4 MB)
State of Bihar as the Appellate officer to whom an appeal shell lie, from any decision , of the Registration officer under 20, rule 21 or rule 21A of the said rules of each of the Assembly Constituncies Comprised whih in the district . 17/10/2023 View (1 MB)
Regarding the Appointment of Assistant Returning Officer for the Legislative Assembly constituencies in the state of Bihar 17/10/2023 View (744 KB)
Electoral Registration Officer of the Assembly Constituency in the State of Bihar. List of 03/10/2023 View (1 MB)
Regarding publication of modified tender for Photo Electrol and EPIC in daily news paper 26/08/2020 View (557 KB)
Alternate File : View (557 KB)
Short Term Tender for Preparation of Electoral Roll and EPIC 29/06/2020 View (3 MB)
Alternate File : View (3 MB)
Lok Sabha General Elections 2019, Election Program on the basis of the issued press note 11/03/2019 View (1 MB)