Title Date Download/Link
Monthly Income & Expenditure Report March 2019 (D.R.D.A ,VAISHALI) 24/04/2019 Download(470 KB)
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Department wise progress report of March-2019 (District Certificate Office) 11/04/2019 Download(518 KB)
Progress report of Month March 2019 (District Certificate Office) 11/04/2019 Download(618 KB)
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Lok Sabha General Elections 2019, Election Program on the basis of the issued press note 11/03/2019 Download(1 MB)
Monthly Progress Report Feburary 2019 (District Land & Revenue Office) 25/03/2019 Download(5 MB)
Progress report of Month February 2019 (District Development Office) 15/03/2019 Download(392 KB)
Monthly Income & Expenditure Report February 2019 (D.R.D.A ,VAISHALI) 14/03/2019 Download(489 KB)
Department wise progress report of February-2019 (District Certificate Office) 13/03/2019 Download(83 KB)